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Essential as far as I am concerned is a good battery.


Each week we ask a Real Mom if they would like the NurtureGoods experience. These moms use a breast pump from NurtureGoods in order to describe and share their experiences. This way we hope to raise awareness of the NurtureGoods experience and help you make a choice. This week it's mom Elise's turn. Will you read along?

Elise's NurtureGoods experience (instagram @eliseandeweg)

A well-fitting, comfortable pump proved essential for me to pump enough nutrition

Since August 23, 2019, I have been a mother to Saar. I breastfed Saar from birth. After 3.5 months I stopped this which, especially in retrospect, I found incredibly unfortunate! My milk production decreased significantly and because I did not have a nice pump, the yield after pumping was disappointing. Since March 8 this year I became a mother again, but this time of a son Bart. Just like Saar, Bart is now breastfed and I want to continue to do so. And preferably as long as I can. I was therefore curious as to which pump would suit me! 

I got to try out the Nurturegoods Dual Efficient breast pump Smart 3.0 pump from Nurturegoods. After testing the pump for a while, I can give a good verdict and I am happy to tell you more about it in this blog. 

First of all, the flask itself. The flask has a beautiful design. And although the pump is not expensive, it does have a luxurious look. The motor has a touch screen control panel, which is very contemporary. Buttons you have to press are, in my opinion, quite old-fashioned. In addition, all parts are detachable and can (with the exception of the motor of course) be put in the dishwasher. Very convenient, you do not necessarily have to boil all the parts of the pump over and over again. 

What I personally really like is that the pump has silicone breast shields that ensure the pump is not cold (!) and also comfortable to the touch. Good comfort is also not entirely unimportant if you use the pump often if you ask me.

Essential as far as I'm concerned is a good battery. You don't want the pump to run out of power for the umpteenth time. The breast pump has a battery that can last for quite a while. It is not necessary to charge it again and again. 

Speaking of outlets, you don't have to sit next to them because the pump is cordless. That means you don't have to plug the pump into an outlet while pumping. This makes pumping a lot easier. 

Because the device has a double breast pump, it is possible to pump both breasts at the same time. Again, this is really quite nice, because this way you are naturally ready "twice" as fast. Before pumping, you can choose which suction level you want to set the pump to. You have a total of 9. I pump at 6 and I find that powerful enough, but if I would prefer an even more powerful pump, I still have plenty of options. 

Even more pluses are, the flask:
- Has a memory function;
- Pressure pulse massage technique has. This can increase your production by 20%!
- In addition to a pump, the package includes a bottle and a twist cap to seal the bottle;
- 100% is BPA free and CE certified;
- Having a nipple retractor.

Besides pluses, I think the pump has one point of improvement and that is the noise. At a higher setting, the pump makes quite a bit of noise. If you are pumping at home, this of course does not matter at all. But at work I pump in a room adjacent to the main hallway. I have no idea if people actually hear it, but I would have preferred the pump to be a little quieter. On the other hand, it makes sense for the pump to make noise.... 

All in all, I would definitely recommend this pump. The pros easily outweigh the cons. It is a fine pump and it produces more than enough from both breasts. 

In short, I am very happy with the pump!

Much love,

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