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We don't want to get ahead of ourselves, but it never hurts to already have some options for a suitable childcare provider in mind for after the birth. There is no right or wrong in the way you organize your time next to your newborn. There are mothers (or fathers) who stay home with their baby, but there are also mothers who would like to go back to work. Do you belong to the latter group? Then read on, you may find our tips useful. 


Benefits: A nursery is a warm and safe place for your little one. Here he gets all the space he needs to move around freely and play with a wide range of toys. In this way the child is challenged to develop at his own pace and learns to interact with others his age. Here he learns at an early age to play together, to share, to indicate his limits and to make friends. 

Disadvantages: There is often a downside to every advantage. Your child will develop quickly, but be aware that the leaders also have influence on your child's education. This can sometimes be confusing for the child. There is also a greater risk of illness, as they are surrounded by other children day in and day out. 

Above all, visit different daycare centers and get well informed. Does it feel good? Does it look clean? Be critical and dare to ask questions, after all it's about your child's health and well-being (Mamaplaats, 2020). 

Nanny and grandpa

Benefits: There is often no finer place than to visit grandma and grandpa. Often grandparents are the happiest people on the planet when their grandchild comes to visit. This way, your little one can build a good and close relationship with them. Research has shown that grandparents with grandchildren have a higher life expectancy. 

Disadvantages: Again, every advantage has its disadvantage. Babysitting once is certainly not a problem, but with more regularity it can also cause grandparents stress. It is also very important to monitor the role of grandma and grandpa and that this is not blurred. If grandparents babysit too often, they quickly creep into the role of parenting. 

Bringing your little one to grandma and grandpa is a comfortable and easy choice. But be very aware of the different family roles and that it does not bring confusion to the child (Nannyland, 2021). 


In a host parent care, your child is taken care of in a homely atmosphere by a host parent. Often this takes place at the guest parent's home, but it can also take place in your own home. Because of the professionalism of the guest parent and because the groups are small your child gets the necessary care and attention for his development. Often it is possible to agree the drop-off and pick-up times together with the host parent, so it fits perfectly into mom or dad's schedule (Gasthouderopvang, z.d.). 

Note That the host parent care is registered in the National Register of Childcare and Playgroups (LRKP).  

24-hour care 

Advantage: This place is ideal for parents who have to deal with irregular working hours. Think of work in healthcare or hospitality, where you often have to work the evenings and weekends. Therefore, 24-hour care may be the answer, because the word says it all, this place is open 24 hours a day. 

Disadvantage: On average, the costs are higher than at a usual childcare center (, 2017). We cannot give exact amounts, this also varies per daycare center. So be sure to inform yourself at the place itself. 

Parent Participation Crèche 

Parent participation crèches (opc's) are places run by parents rather than professionals. So the parents provide a child care service to each other's children. 

Benefits: The cost is considerably lower than the other options listed above, this is because the parents themselves run the shifts. 

Disadvantages: The parents who provide the care have not followed or completed any training. They work with different dayparts, where during the day different parents are in the group. This means that your child has to deal with many different faces, which can also be experienced as confusing (Bukman, 2020). 

Every parent has their own needs, conditions and budget. So everyone has to decide for themselves what fits their lifestyle. Options abound, but the differences are vast when looking at the type of care and the cost. Read up and decide well in advance which option works for you. This will only give you peace of mind for the future.


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