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We were referred to the tongue-tie clinic in Groningen, where three weeks later her tongue-tie was lasered.


Every other week we ask a Real Mom if they would like the NurtureGoods experience. These moms use a breast pump from NurtureGoods in order to describe and share their experiences. In this way, we hope to raise awareness of the NurtureGoods experience and help you make a choice. This week it's mom Lydia's turn. Will you read along?

Lydia's NurtureGoods experience (Instagram @lydiasiderius).

Too short a tongue threw a spanner in the works

When I first saw the Nurture Goods pump passing by, I thought, wow, it's nice (and) compact! "Ideal for when I have to go back to work," I heard myself say. Five years earlier, I was sitting at the dinner table every day with a device on it that took up half the table. It was that it "had to" but what a noise that pump made. When my leave was over, it also immediately meant that my and our oldest daughter's breastfeeding period came to an end. When I had another positive test in my hands in December 2021, I knew one thing for sure: I want to breastfeed. And this time 'for real'. Completely and for a longer period of time.

A beautiful endeavor, it turned out to be easier said than done. Sure, every breastfeeding adventure has its challenges. Some have underproduction, others overproduction. But that a too short tongue could throw a spanner in the works had not occurred to me yet. Imre was born in August and grew like crazy in the week I was born. It gave me the confidence that was lacking last time; where with our eldest daughter we started supplementary feeding on day two (art), now I could easily put Imre on ten or fifteen times a day. The way to match supply and demand. 

When Imre stopped asking for feedings every two or three hours after a few weeks, I was pumping every night on the couch. My leave was not over when the pump came in handy! I got to know the machine and tested out all its functions. I was positively surprised by all the modes, the suction power and the freezer was getting fuller and fuller. But my nipples hurt. After every feeding, except when I pumped. And that was then suddenly noticed. In mid-September I called in the help of a lactation consultant again, who was happy to watch a feeding with me. In the week I was born she had already given me tips about latching on, because after every feeding there was a kind of stripe over my nipple. She began her visit with weighing and discovered that Imre was not growing very fast. Her growth curve deflected quite a bit. A bummer. After all, we had had such a flying start!

One look in Imre's mouth later, it was clear why: her tongue tie was too tight. We were referred to the tongue-tie clinic in Groningen, where three weeks later her tongue-tie was lasered. Tránen, on both of us, but for a good cause. One point: she did have to learn to drink again for a while after the treatment. Well, that "even" had a little more to it. She could no longer latch on to the breast. I pumped to prevent engorgement and to keep my production going, while we also offered her several bottles of pumped milk. All without success. Fortunately, after more than 24 (endless) hours she took my breast again, but during the follow-up checkup it turned out that the scar tissue had grown so fast that she had to be treated again.

Four weeks after the first treatment, the whole party - including learning to drink again - began all over again. Meanwhile, the pump went with me on vacation and stood next to my bed every night. The second laser treatment was successful. At last I no longer had a burning sensation on my nipples after every feeding and, more importantly, Imre started to grow. And how!

I extended my leave by four weeks, but on December 5 I was allowed to return to work. Essentials: my laptop and pump. And although I find pumping at work very different from pumping at home, it has never been an obstacle. The pump is light and easy to carry, and the accessories are clean after use. I can empty my breasts in fifteen minutes on a higher setting with double insert. In the meantime, it just stands on my desk and I notice it. In a positive sense! Even my male colleagues are surprised about the compact size ("My wife had such a huge ass trunk that she had to drag along.") and the beautiful, simple design. 

I have now been feeding for five months. Fully! Day and (still three times) night(s). When I work, Imre drinks a bottle of pumped milk. I am so proud of that, but mostly grateful for it. The Nurture Goods pump saved our adventure. By now I have pumped dozens of liters of milk and our little girl has doubled in weight. How glad I was that the pump was not in the cupboard until after my leave, because no, a pump is really not only or only useful when you are back at work.

Much love, Lydia
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