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During your pregnancy you will have to deal with all kinds of symptoms. Common complaints are headaches, fatigue, constipation, nausea, edema and back pain. Add to that for some birth fear on top and the party is complete. Not so. Many pregnant women think they just have to put up with these typical pregnancy pains, but nothing could be further from the truth. Sayings like "it's all part of the game" can be put aside for a moment, because in this blog we will talk about acupuncture. We will tell you how acupuncture can contribute to a more pleasant pregnancy with fewer symptoms.

What is acupuncture?

Acupuncture dates back to the year 1987 and is part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCG). Nowadays it is one of the most important alternative therapies in the Netherlands. Acupuncture involves placing extremely thin needles in certain areas of the body. So thin that you hardly notice you're being pricked. Those needles are put in specific places in the body, so that energy pathways can be influenced, creating a better balance of energy (Gezondheidsplein). 

For what complaints?

You can visit the acupuncturist with the following complaints ( 

Morning sickness - this is a common pregnancy ailment, especially in the first trimester and later in pregnancy when the uterus begins to press on the stomach. 

Stomach problems


Back Pain the softening of the joints of the bones and the increasing weight of your abdomen can cause pain in the low back.

Extreme fatigue


Sleep problems

Pregnancy Itch


Restless legs

Hard bellies 

High blood pressure

Anxiety, depression

Impending miscarriage

Recovery after miscarriage and childbirth


Moxa therapy is a part of acupuncture and has proven very successful when it comes to turning babies in breech presentation. A stick of mugwort herb is heated and held on a specific spot on the side of the foot. According to the TCG, a warming energy goes to the pelvis which causes movement, making the baby more mobile in place in the womb. Please note that this is only possible from week 33 of pregnancy. Moxatherapy increases the chance from 50 to 75 percent of spontaneous turning of the baby when moxatherapy is applied between the 33rd and 36th week (Acupuncture Hillegersberg). 

If it doesn't help, it doesn't hurt

Pregnancy ailments are a part of life, but we don't always have to put up with them. Do not act immediately at the first symptoms, they might diminish a bit. But if they do bother you a lot, acupuncture is always worth considering.