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Unfortunately, we cannot make it any more fun than it is: if you are pregnant, you will have to give birth at some point. And let's face it, giving birth just hurts. That is why it is something many pregnant women dread. Can I handle the pain? Will I get complications? I hope I do not tear! Rightful fantasies, but one thing we can say with certainty: billions of women have gone before you. And once you have your little one in your arms, it was all worth it. 

Pain is not good!

Childbirth pain is perhaps the biggest fear of the pregnant woman. Some women experience more pain than others during childbirth, but pain is (unfortunately) part of life. However, childbirth pain is a completely different kind of pain than you are used to. It is a sign that you need to find a safe place to give birth to your child. Pain with a good (what am I saying, fantastic) purpose: you are having a child. That thought often helps you through the birth and moreover your body produces its own painkillers. Through the production of so-called endorphins you feel less pain. What is extremely important is that you relax. It is easy to say now, but the more you resist the pain and the less you relax, the less endorphins your body produces. You will have to give in to the pain, no matter how difficult that is. So we cannot make it more fun, but we can make it a little easier. 

Another consolation, even though it is meagre: the pain is not constant, but comes in waves. You feel the 'wave' coming, just before the wave turns the pain is at its worst and then the pain subsides again. Between the contractions you have some time to recover. Especially in the beginning of labour these pauses are the longest. The further along the birth progresses, the shorter the pauses. But hang in there, the end is in sight (KNOV)!

Have you ever thought about a doula?

Doula, what? A doula is a woman who guides you physically, mentally and emotionally during and after your pregnancy. So she is the ideal companion when it comes to pregnancy and childbirth. She is there for you, so don't hesitate to tell her all your worries, fears and crazy thoughts. Also during the birth she is there for you. She helps you to relax, helps you with your breathing, your birth positions and monitors all your wishes during the birth. If you are very scared of giving birth, a doula can be a good solution. She can probably not take away all your fears, but there is a big chance it will help you ( 

What can I do myself?

A good start is half the work. Therefore, prepare yourself well for giving birth. Read books, magazines and our dozens of blogs. Gather the information you need to go into labor a little more confidently. Have you ever thought about taking a pregnancy course? Then you can practice breathing techniques and delivery positions

Hopefully you have enough tools now and can relax more as your due date approaches. And again, without belittling your fears, consider how many women have gone before you. The female body is made for it, so yours too!


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