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Proper use of medications is of great importance to everyone. Antibiotics are good for killing off nasty bacteria that we, as humans, can be exposed to. When you are pregnant, you are even more susceptible to infections. Many infections can be dealt with by the body itself, but if not, you may be prescribed antibiotics by your GP. Questions like: 'Does this affect the baby's health? We understand that, which is why we explain everything in detail in this blog. 

Pregnant and antibiotics

Pregnant women often have a reduced resistance, making them more susceptible to infections. These infections are often not harmful for the woman, but can be life-threatening for the unborn baby. If this is the case and your body is unable to repair the infection itself, your doctor will probably prescribe antibiotics. But you won't get these just like that, because doctors are very careful about prescribing antibiotics for pregnant women. Improper or prolonged use can lead to resistance. This means that your body no longer responds to the medicine and the bad bacteria are not killed off (Nutricia for you, 2021).

When is it?

It is advised to use (prescribed) antibiotics during pregnancy only if the need is great. For example, if you have a lung, meningitis, or bladder infection, or if you have blood poisoning. These infections and inflammations have unpleasant consequences for you and your baby. That is why you have to take medicine at those moments (Nutricia for you, 2021).

Ask your doctor

Many courses of antibiotics can harm your unborn baby. You should therefore inform your family doctor and the pharmacy about your pregnancy. In this way, they will only prescribe medicines which are not harmful to your baby.

Use it correctly

Do not play doctor and use it only in consultation with your doctor. Throw away leftover medicines and read the leaflet carefully before use. Carefully follow the steps of the leaflet. So take the medicine at the right time and only during the prescribed period. Always finish your course, even if you feel you are cured. If you don't finish the cure there is a chance that bacteria will remain in your body. And that means: back to square one in a short time (, z.d.).

So, yes or no?

To give a concrete answer to the question: antibiotics, yes or no? Yes, but only in case of great need and only the prescribed antibiotics by the doctor that do not harm pregnant women and their unborn babies. So be alert at all times and read up on yourself. After all, it's about your health and the health of your little one.

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