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Chances are, your breastfeeding has taken off after giving birth or maybe you need help with this. For more freedom of movement or for activation of the milk flow, many women decide to have a breast pump to purchase. Did you know that a number of health insurers in the Netherlands reimburse the electric breast pump completely or for a large part? In this blog we will tell you all about the reimbursement of the breast pump and we will give you tips to enjoy nice discounts. Curious? Then read on. 

Will my breast pump be reimbursed? 

There is no good or bad time to have a breast pump purchase. Some women already have one in the house before they have given birth, while some wait until breastfeeding has started. One thing that is very important is to check your health insurance policy. A number of health insurers will fully or partially reimburse you for the purchase of an electric version if you have supplementary insurance. In many cases the insurers will also reimburse the lactation assistance. 

What does the lactation consultant help? 

A lactation consultant helps women who are experiencing problems with breastfeeding. They provide information and advice about breastfeeding and offer help when there is a lack of breast milk or when the baby is growing. Lactation expert help is not included in the basic insurance; you must have supplementary insurance for this. 

Health insurance companies with reimbursement 

Below we list the largest health insurers in the Netherlands that reimburse breast pumps or lactation assistance. The smaller health insurers also have their own conditions, which you can find on the website of the insurer in question. 

Zilveren Kruis

PackageBreast pump reimbursementLactation Assistance 
Basic insurancexx
Basic Plus Modulexx
Supplementary *xx
Supplementary **Max. €75 per pregnancy €80,- per delivery
Supplemental ***Max. €75 per pregnancy€80,- per delivery
Supplemental ****Max. €75 per pregnancy€115,- per delivery


PackageBreast pump reimbursementLactation Assistance 
Basicx€200,- per year
Plusx€200,- per year
Topx€200,- per year
Familiesx€200,- per year
50+ xx


PackageBreast pump reimbursementLactation Assistance 
Basic insurancexx
MoreSecurexMax. €80 per calendar year
Without ConcernxMax. €80 per calendar year


PackageBreast pump reimbursementLactation Assistance 
Extra Care 2Included in consultation €200,- per year
Extra Care 3Included in consultation €200,- per year


PackageBreast pump reimbursementLactation Assistance 
VGZ Aanvullend Instapxx
VGZ Supplementary Goodxx
VGZ Aanvullend BeterOne time €80,- Max. €200 per delivery
VGZ Aanvullend BestOne time €80,- Max. €200 per delivery

We recommend that you still contact your health insurance company or perhaps even switch to another health insurance company. In this way, they can help you get the most out of your health insurance. After all, you pay enough for it, so a reimbursement for your breast pump or lactation assistance is then not an unnecessary luxury.