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A dirty nappy is not a pleasant surprise, but with a newborn baby it is inevitable. That is why we are here to help you make diaper changing more fun and enjoyable for you and your little one. With our handy tips and tricks, you can change your baby with your eyes closed. This is very handy when you have to change the nappy eight times a day. We also advise you to make this a cosy moment, as this will create a bond between you and your little one. Would you like to know how to create such a cosy moment and how to change your baby in the best way? Then read on!

Changing your baby is a daily job  

Many experienced moms and dads can attest to the fact that changing your baby is a day job. Your newborn consumes about eight diapers a day (, 2017). We can already hear you thinking: eight diapers!? Yes, eight diapers, so get your chest wet. Not too literally of course. Again, every baby is different and so is their stool. So check your little one's nappy every 2-3 hours to ensure maximum comfort and prevent nappy rash (Pampers, 2020).

Once your little one has grown a bit and the sensitive skin around their bottom is a little less sensitive, you can choose to have set changing times or only change when your baby has a dirty diaper (Diaperinfo, 2017). No stress moms and dads, as time flies by this daily task will become part of your routine.

Efficient nappy changing

Whether you change your baby's nappy four, six or eight times a day, it's going to haunt you for a while. But with our tips, you'll be able to make diapering as efficient as possible for yourself. 1, 2, 3, 4 Changing your baby's diaper starts here.

Tip 1: the right products

Having the right products within reach is half the battle. Make sure you have a clean diaper within an arm's length of your own, wipesIt is also important to ensure that you have access to a small container with zinc ointment or talcum powder and a waste bin (Medic info, s.d.).

Tip 2: Prepare

For the comfort of your baby, we advise you to use a changing mat Use with a hydrophilic cloth if necessary. The cloth catches the accidents, so that the changing mat remains clean (Medic info, s.d.).

Tip 3: cleaning technique

Now the heavy artillery is going to start. So undo the bodysuit and roll it up as far as possible. Pull off the adhesive strips and fold open the dirty diaper (Medic info, s.d.). Pick up the wipes Start with your baby's tummy and work your way back. Note to the parents: don't be too stingy with the wipes. Now gently grasp your baby's ankles and lift them up. Now clean their bottom and remove the dirty nappy. Fold the dirty nappy with all the wipes and put it in the bin. Grip the ankles again and slide the clean nappy with the sticky side under your child and apply some zinc ointment or talcum powder on the bottom. Make sure the top edge of the nappy is around the waist and put the legs down. Fold the diaper around the tummy and carefully fasten it with the adhesive strips. Keep enough space between the tummy and the diaper, about a finger is enough and fold the elastic edges outwards (Verloskundigenloket, 2017, p. 1).

Do you have a boy? Then there is a greater chance that they will pee all over you while you are changing them. You can prevent this by gently pushing the little penis down or by using a dishcloth impose (Diaperinfo, 2017).

Tip 4: the conclusion

You are almost there! The bodysuit and clothes can be put on and then the big job is done. Just a quick wipe over the changing area and wash your hands (Midwife's Desk, 2017, p. 1). And that's it! It sounds like a daunting task now, but before you know it, you'll be an expert at changing your baby's diaper.

A pleasant change of clothes

Distraction from the changing time is key to clean diaper success. Create a fun place to change your baby. Think posters, streamers or other products your baby can look at. You can also provide a toy that your little one won't play with for the rest of the day. In this way, the toy remains new and interesting so the grasping hands will not get in the way. And for the icing on the cake: sing a song, tell a story or make funny faces (SKSG, 2020). In this way, you will have a great time together, or as we like to say: a little party!

Moments to change as well

Try to give your baby a clean nappy before and after the sleepIn this way, your little one will fall asleep comfortably and wake up well. Remember to change your baby's nappy when you are away from home for a long time or in the car. We also advise you to give your baby a clean nappy before a doctor's appointment, so that it is comfortable for all parties. An accident can certainly happen, but you will feel less guilty if you have done everything possible to prevent it. It is especially important to let your feelings determine when you change your baby. If you're doing everything you can to keep your baby dry and clean, then you already deserve a best mom and dad award (Pampers, 2020)!

On the road? Take this with you

Perhaps not so surprisingly, but a well-stocked diaper bag is always handy when you're on the road. But what do you put in it all? Start off with eight diapers, this way you'll always have enough on hand. Wipes are your best friend, so don't be stingy with these. We always say, better too much wipes than too little! Keep a jar of zinc ointment in your diaper bag in case your baby gets diaper rash or spontaneously irritated bottom. Now you are always prepared. Small accidents can happen easily, so always take a set of clean clothes with you. We also recommend that you take some toys It is also a good idea to take a foldaway mat with you to give to your baby when changing nappies. Finally, a foldable changing mat can also be desirable for the best hygiene when you are on the move (Kraamzorg de Waarden, z.d.).

Diaper rash, now what?

Yes, it really is as annoying as it sounds. Diaper rash is caused by urine and feces rubbing against the bottom of the baby's nappy. It is normal for parents to blame themselves, but instead, it is better to act to find a solution. You may indeed have changed the nappy too late, but a sensitive skin can also play a major role in your baby's rash. To heal your baby's diaper rash as quickly as possible, we recommend that you rub, rub, rub with zinc ointment. And try to change your baby more often during this time, so that their bottom will soon be pink and soft again. Does the rash persist? Then try the following things. Have you heard of talcum powder? It cools irritated skin, so powder your baby's bottom after changing. A lotion can also help. Just make sure the products are perfume-free and suitable for babies, otherwise you could have an adverse reaction. Does the irritation persist after all our tips? Then consult a family doctor (Medic info, s.d.).

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Next time we won't be talking about a day job, we'll be talking about a two to three day job. We'll take you over how to best bathe your child. Bathing your little one is a special experience between parent and child, because before you know it, the bathroom door is locked.


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