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Frequently Asked Questions

NurtureGoods Smart Pumping

Does the device work on mains power / socket or also without mains power after charging?

The Smart 1.0 only works on mains power.

The Smart 2.0 is a cordless model. You can charge the battery and pump wherever and whenever you want!

The Dual Efficient Smart 3.0 is a cordless model. You can charge the battery and pump wherever and whenever you want!

Can you pump double-sided with the breast pumps from NurtureGoods?

The alternating pump method, which both the Smart 1.0 and Smart 2.0 feature, allows you to pump with one breast at a time, resting the other breast to effectively relieve breast pain and congestion.

Our newest model, the Dual Efficient Smart 3.0, pumps on both sides. This means that both breasts are pumped simultaneously.

How does the nasal aspirator included with the breast pump work?

You can connect the nasal aspirator to the hose. The bottom piece of the aspirator can be connected to the hose. There are two different attachments that you can use on the aspirator. By pressing and holding the button with the symbol of the nose and then pressing it again, you can select the nasal position. With the arrows you can increase the suction.

What is the best way to clean the flask and parts?

1. The hard plastic parts of the flask can be manually cleaned with warm water
cleaned. They may also be washed in a dishwasher or sterilizer with them or
be gently boiled out in a pan. When doing this, make sure you stay with the pan and don't overcook them.
boil out for a long time. Also, the parts should not touch the edge of the pan.
2. All silicone or soft parts should NOT be put in a sterilizer or heated water
CLEANING. Please wash manually with lukewarm water or a warm
3. So also clean the hoses only with lukewarm water. After cleaning make sure that there is
no water remains in the hoses. If water remains in the tubing, it can
this cause the motor to break down.
4. The best way to clean the engine block is to wipe it down with a warm cloth
wipe. Make sure no water gets into the engine block through the openings.

Can the pump be used hands-free?

Smart 1.0: This pump is not hands-free and is used with a plug. This pump must be plugged into an outlet while pumping. However, you can use our pumping bra so you have your hands free. NurtureGoods is in the process of developing an entire hands-free pump.

Smart 3.0: This pump is not completely hands-free but gives you just a little more freedom. It is our third model and it includes a rechargeable battery. Because of the built-in battery and adapter with USB cable you can pump wherever and whenever you want. This model can also be used with a pumping bra so you can keep your hands free.

What is the sound frequency of your pumps?

We are also trying to make our pumps quieter and quieter, by putting the pump on a soft
You can already reduce some of the noise yourself. By placing the
more powerful engine, the Smart 3.0 makes a bit more noise than our first model the Smart 1.0.

Smart 1.0: Minimum 50 decibels to maximum 58 decibels
Smart 3.0: Minimum 58 decibels to maximum 65 decibels

Spare parts & breast shields

Can I order extra vials or parts?

We also sell extra vials and loose parts. These can be ordered on our own webshop.

  • Please note: Loose parts can NOT be returned and will not be refunded.

What size breast shield do I need and what is the current size of the NurtureGoods breast pump?

Our breast pumps feature a very average size breast shield and will therefore be suitable for most women.

Smart 1.0: Contains a breastplate with a diameter of 21.6 mm.
Smart 3.0: Contains a breastplate with a diameter of 20 mm.

To determine which breast shield size is right for you, we have developed a document that describes step-by-step how you can determine which breast shield is best for your breast.

Link: PDF Breastplate sizes

NurtureGoods is in the process of developing different sizes of breast shields so that there is the perfect fit for everyone. Keep an eye on the website for this!

Defect Warranty & Returns

How can I return my product?

If you ordered your product on our website, you can use the return form under the heading "contact" on our website to return your product. Please include the invoice and explain why you want to return the product. A NurtureGoods representative will help you to process the return.

If you ordered your product through or Amazon you can return the product through the platform of or Amazon, also here you can indicate why the product is returned.

I have a question about a defective or missing product part.

The NurtureGoods breast pump is covered by a 1 month return guarantee through and a 6 month warranty period through NurtureGoods Customer Service. In the event of a malfunction or missing product part, please email your request to clearly describing your request including your order number, order date, reason for defect, and address. You can speed up the process by adding a photo, video and/or detailed description of the defective part. Our customer service will then assess the defect and work with you to find the most appropriate solution.

Other frequently asked questions

Can I become an ambassador for NurtureGoods?

Yes, it is possible to become an ambassador for our brand. Currently we are still working on a good affiliate program, but it will be launched soon. Do you think you are eligible for individual agreements and do you have an interesting target group for a partnership? Register your interest by sending an email to our Digital Brand Manager at

I have not received a pump diary. Can I still get it?

We always mail the e-book to the customer as soon as possible after receiving the breast pump. In some cases there may be a few days delay. Check your spam folder to be sure. If after 3 days from receipt of the product you still have not received the pumping diary in your mailbox, please mail to

If you need the diary immediately you can download your pumping diary by leaving your name and email address on one of our 'Download our e-book' forms.

Can I get an invoice for my order?

When you order a product from us through you will immediately receive a purchase invoice on your account and by e-mail. If you order a product through our website, you will receive it by e-mail. Would you like to receive a VAT invoice? Please send an e-mail to with your purchase invoice attached and the request for a VAT invoice. You will then also receive this invoice by e-mail.
No invoice in your inbox? Then check your SPAM box!

Does NurtureGoods do collaborations?

NurtureGoods is definitely open to collaborations! If you are interested in collaborating with us or becoming an influencer for us please send an email to: