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So the first few times nothing came out. I didn't understand it and thought my body couldn't produce milk (anymore).


Every other week we ask a Real Mom if they would like the NurtureGoods experience. These moms use a breast pump from NurtureGoods in order to describe and share their experiences. In this way, we hope to raise awareness of the NurtureGoods experience and help you make a choice. This week it's mom Gladys' turn. Will you read along?

Gladys' NurtureGoods experience (Instagram @gladysvdwaart).

From a slow start to enough milk for half the Netherlands!
Despite becoming a mom for the second time, this time it was completely different! Matteo, unfortunately, I was never able to breastfeed because he was born at 30 weeks and this took too much strength for him. I then pumped full time for 3 months which I found incredibly hard but did with love. This time I 100% definitely wanted to breastfeed.

After Zaxai's birth he was laid immediately, this was such a magical moment. Once we arrived home, we found that for the first two days he didn't drink anything because no milk came out. I always thought that if you put your baby on, it could drink milk right away. Therefore, I had to start pumping right away to get it going. With Matteo, I started pumping a few hours after he was born. Every drop was liquid gold and the nurse in the NICU practically applauded when I brought 10cc of milk. Did you know that you create a different kind of breast milk when your baby is born preterm? This contains even more antibodies and building blocks because your baby needs it even more! Bizarre isn't it!
This then was even more of a strength for me to continue and keep this up. I got 10cc of milk out the first time and a few days later I was at 150cc of milk and overproduction. The hospital had freezers full of my liquid gold. With Matteo, I managed to keep pumping for 3 months. Eventually my production went down because I had no regulation days, as nature normally regulates this naturally when your baby comes for feedings more often. I was really sad that I had to stop, but it also gave me a lot of freedom! After all, I could let others feed as well and didn't have to pump first, then warm up the bottle and then feed again. This eventually broke me up too. 

So the fact that nothing was coming out of my breasts now I thought was crazy and this made me very insecure. Because I have had overproduction before, I knew I could produce milk and how! But why after 2 days of pumping full time was there still only a few drops coming out?

For the @NurtureGoods.Official brand, I got to try out the Nurture Goods Dual Efficient breast pump! So the first few times nothing came out. I didn't get it and thought my body couldn't produce milk (anymore). After two days of pumping full-time every 3 hours, it finally came out! So it turns out this is normal and many women have this in the beginning. I had no idea! I really felt like a "new" mom. Another 2 days later I had overproduction and could supply half the Netherlands with my milk!😂

I really had a love-hate relationship with this pump at first but now I am so happy with it. What a super device! You don't have to be at the socket because it's cordless and you can pump 2 bottles at the same time which makes it super fast. You can also choose from 7 different modes. The first week I pumped on the quietest setting because clefts and engorgement 😭 after that I could sometimes go up to setting 4/5 and pump my breasts well empty! You also have a silent setting so it makes less noise. My husband hated the sound of my old pump, but he found this one a lot more tolerable!

My breastfeeding is now well underway and I now feed my son completely with the breast. I really find it a relief and so much easier than always having to wait for the bottle to be ready and at the right temperature. I pump once every day so that my son Matteo and husband Enrico can give a bottle. I will also start using the pump again a bit more soon to build up a stock in the freezer. After 10 months, I also think it would be great to have a wine again and then of course it is essential to have a supply of my milk! So this pump is not only super good but also the design is beautiful. The soft pink color is very feminine and with the black screen it also has a cool look. The pump is easy to charge and I also easy to take with me so you can actually pump anytime and anywhere! I am a fan and definitely recommend this pump. Also, the price of this pump is affordable which really sets it apart from other (expensive) pumps!

Much love, Gladys
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