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The Netherlands has a strict health care policy, which means that everyone must have health insurance. Also your baby. It is important to arrange your health insurance within four months after the birth of your baby. You can easily insure your baby on both parents' policies. Make sure you do this in time, otherwise the costs are for you. It is easy to arrange, often with one phone call you're done.

Registering your baby at the municipality

You have three working days to register your baby at the municipality, excluding the day of birth. Failure to do so can result in a fine. If the registration is successful, your baby will receive a BSN. With this number, it is possible to register your baby with the health insurance (Dutch government, 2021). 

Want to know more about this topic? Read more on the site of the Government.

One health insurance policy for two

We recommend that you insure your child with the most comprehensive policy. This way, your child is co-insured for free and can also benefit from the same care and reimbursement. You only need to notify one insurer if you and your partner have a different health insurance company. Contact your health insurer by phone or by visiting them and it will all be done in no time. It may also be possible to arrange this quickly and easily online. This differs per health insurer. 

Transferring health insurance

It is possible to have your baby transferred to your partner's health insurance in the meantime. Please contact your health insurer about this. Your baby is covered by his or her parents' health insurance until he or she reaches the age of 18 (Zorgwijzer, 2021).

Health insurance after 18

We don't want to get ahead of ourselves, but it might be nice to have read it once. This way, you'll be well informed about what needs to be done when your little one is no longer so small. As soon as your child turns 18, he or she has to take out their own health insurance. From that moment on, the premium and excess will be charged (Zorgwijzer, 2021). But don't worry moms and dads; time goes by fast, but eighteen is a long time! 

Quick and easy to arrange

The Dutch healthcare system is strict, but let's be honest: it's nice. This way everyone gets the care they deserve, including your baby! Make sure you arrange your baby's health insurance well in advance so you are always covered for any accidents or inconveniences.


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