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One of the most frequently asked questions as a new parent is: "Am I doing it right?". After birth you are suddenly responsible for a precious life and that science weighs heavily on your shoulders. To give a better insight into what your child needs, we explain the basic needs of a person (and your child!).

Evolutionarily and objectively speaking, you are a good mother if you can nurture your child and meet the basic needs of safetylodging and food according to Maslow's Pyramid. The above-mentioned points fall under the Physiological Needs, Social Acceptance and Security. So in the past you were a good mother if your child had enough to eat, wore clean clothes and was comforted when in pain or sadness.

Today, however, we know that there is more to raising a happy person. In doing so, (Self) appreciation and Self-development of the own person must also be met, so that your child can later be his own self without prejudice. In other words, today as a mother you are responsible for your child's emotional stability and psychological development. It is up to you to ensure that your baby later becomes a successful, stable and happy adult. The most important thing for your newborn child is that they receive the basic needs of Physiological Needs, Security, and Social Acceptance in the form of love and affection.

We hope you learned something from this tip! The question is now up to you: Help us help you! What questions do you have that are most important to you at the moment? You decide which direction we take. Without your feedback it is not possible to inform everyone as well as possible with correct and complete information. Let us know here.