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For the first time, I was able to sit back and enjoy our daughter while the pump did its job.


Each week we ask a Real Mom if they would like the NurtureGoods experience. These moms use a breast pump from NurtureGoods in order to describe and share their experiences. In this way, we hope to raise awareness of the NurtureGoods experience and help you make a choice. This week it's mom Sandra's turn. Will you read along?

The NurtureGoods experience of Sandra (instagram @sandraa_bies)

How pumping can be a party

Whether I wanted to test a pump, was the question a few weeks ago. I absolutely did not say "no" to that, especially considering the fact that I could give birth at any time and don't have a pump in the house yet. Let alone have thought about a breast pump. 

My dream was to make breastfeeding work this time. With our son, it was not to succeed due to a violent birth. We tried to pump to keep the production going, so I could try again later. But this was not to succeed either. My experience with pumping at the time went from bad to worse. However, I was open to trying again now. 

Every pump is different and this one from NurtureGoods looked really great and it was wireless and double sided too! A big lead already in my eyes. 

With a fine pump in hand to test, I stood in good spirits to embark on this new adventure together with our newborn daughter. Due to the C-section, there is a chance that the breastfeeding won't get going, but we'll see where the ship lands. 

Fortunately, after the birth, my production soon got going, so this adventure could really take off! 

In the beginning, I had quite a bit of production, so I could soon start testing the pump. And not just to slow down production a bit, but the pump's different modes also ensure that production stays/is well underway. 

After a few tests, I knew exactly which position I liked and which one was a good fit for me. For the first time I could sit back and enjoy our daughter while the pump did its work. Or enjoy a cup of coffee or a book, because my hands were free. This way, pumping is actually a party! 

Because it's cordless, you don't have to worry about where you're going to sit. At first I was skeptical about the battery life, but it really does last quite a few pumping sessions before it needs to be recharged. 

So I am very satisfied and really liking this pump! Beyond expectations.
It has multiple settings, comes with very fine and soft breast shields and it is cordless as well. Another plus is that it is very easy to clean, because there are not too many bells and whistles. Just very easy. 

Not to mention, the pump also comes with a pacifier. So after pumping you can immediately put the pacifier on and give the bottle to your baby. How convenient! 

Another nice, and for some not entirely unimportant detail, is the appearance. The pump is quite compact and has a very nice appearance. So you don't have to hide it when visitors suddenly arrive for the maternity round. And when you have to get back to work, you can easily put it in your bag. 

So in short, I am very satisfied and recommend it to everyone! 

Much love,

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