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Even well before your little one is born, the foundation is formed for the bond you will form after delivery. You probably feel your baby kicking or make small movements. But your baby will also be aware of everything. The more interaction, the better it is for your baby and his brain development. Partners may feel they are 1-0 down, but we have a few tips to help you bond with your little one. Read along?

Get to know your baby

You wouldn't know it, but the way your little one moves or reacts to you can tell you a bit about their character. Some babies are very quiet and timid, for example, while others are already boisterous and kick and move around like crazy. To ensure that your baby feels loved and welcome, it is very important that your bond is already formed during pregnancy. Attachment begins before birth, so try to make as much conscious contact as possible. The more contact you have with your little one, the more you will get used to your new role as parents (IMH Netherlands). 

How to make contact with your little one

We have put together a few tips to help you connect with the little one in your belly.

Talkingit doesn't really matter what you say as long as you talk. Read a book aloud or name out loud what you are doing. A few kind words or a greeting are also allowed! Don't let that stop you. It may feel a little strange at first, but you will soon get used to it. Moreover, your unborn baby will get used to your voices and will recognize them after birth. 

DancingMoving around with your baby, how nice! He can feel your movements and hear the music in the background. So put on your favourite song and don't forget to sing along!

Put your hands on your bellyFrom week 27 your little one may even react to your touches. He may even come and lie against your hands or kick them. Does he react at all? Then he is probably taking a nap. 

Abdominal massageYou can give yourself a belly massage, or even better: let your partner do it. You can do it with clothes on, but for ultimate relaxation we recommend doing it on bare skin and using a little oil if necessary. Make gentle, stroking movements over the belly. A relaxed mom = a relaxed baby. Win-win, right?

Play with your baby You can gently tap your belly with your fingers. Try different rhythms or do the same one every time. Your little one may start to recognize it at some point. Does he kick back? Then he must be enjoying it (Libelle mama)!  

Better too much than too little

Hopefully we have inspired you a little bit. Go on the adventure together and plan fixed moments to find the interaction between you and the little one, for example when you get up, when you sit together on the couch or when you go to bed. Better too much than too little! Do you have other ways to interact with your baby? Don't hesitate to share them with us!



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