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Pumping, I found that really felt like being a cow.


Every other week we ask a Real Mom if they would like the NurtureGoods experience. These moms use a breast pump from NurtureGoods in order to describe and share their experiences. In this way, we hope to raise awareness of the NurtureGoods experience and help you make a choice. This week it's mom Melissa's turn. Will you read along?

pumping with nurture goods

Melissa's NurtureGoods experience (Instagram @melissa figs).

Pumping: a cash cow or just a special experience? 
Early in pregnancy, I am asked if I want to breastfeed. Do I want to? My gut always said adamantly no. But why? What was the reason? I never saw it as a beautiful thing between mother and child. Pumping, I really thought that felt like being a cow. Yet I started having huge doubts in pregnancy and weighing the pros and cons, against each other. Will I breastfeed live, pump full time or go for formula? At exactly the right time, I was asked if I wanted to test the NurtureGoods Smart 3.0 breast pump. Because quite honestly, that did make my choice easier. 

Artificial feeding can always be done 
Together with my mother, I went to a breastfeeding night at my midwife's office. I wanted to gather as much information as possible before making my choice. Afterwards, I still couldn't say that I thought breastfeeding was a special thing between mother and child. But all the benefits to breast milk for our future child were very important to me. After much deliberation I knew: it will be a combo! Artificial feeding is always a possibility. 

No sooner said than done. On December 29, 2022, our beautiful Kaya was born and soon she was laid in the hospital. Once she arrived home, I quickly told my boyfriend that I wanted to pump during the maternity week as well. Breastfeeding is nice, but I didn't want her to be completely dependent on my breast. I also wanted to keep some freedom. 

Turned 180 degrees
So thus began my pumping adventure. At the end of the maternity week I started pumping. Also because Kaya sometimes refused the breast or had a bad latch-on. We started with one bottle a day of pumped breast milk. This way she could get used to the bottle, but also extra Quality time with Daddy. My production was good because from pumping once a day I could feed Kaya twice. 

A cow? I felt that way at first. But soon that gave way to a special feeling. How beautiful it is that it is possible, that you can get your own milk out for your baby. And let her grow like that. So special really! 

Flask at a small price
From the beginning, I started pumping with the pump from NurtureGoods. In the beginning, I was skeptical. I had seen many pumps for much more money. How could this pump be fine for such a small price. It couldn't be? Well on the contrary. What a great device! 

You can choose your own position, whatever feels best for your breasts. In addition, you can pump both breasts at the same time, which also saves time. The pump is cordless, so it's nice on the couch during my favorite Netflix series. Wonderfully efficient! 

Breast infection
Right after the maternity week, I noticed that one breast became redder. It also hurt when Kaya drank from this breast. I soon had a suspicion: breast infection. I used the pump to empty the breast properly, but also to stimulate all the mammary glands properly by massaging the breast while pumping. This also became a routine after the breast infection ended. During each pumping moment, I made sure all the harder spots went away by simply massaging over these spots. This way I could just latch Kaya in the position that worked best for us and I didn't have to worry about another breast infection. 

Currently, I am still in the middle of my maternity leave. When I go back to work, I want to have phased out live breastfeeding during the day as much as possible. That means that with a schedule I now give more and more bottles during the day with pumped milk. I also pump several times a day as a result. I find that the battery still lasts at least three days and thus about six whole pump moments. Very nice! 

Beforehand, I was sure my breastfeeding adventure would only last up to three months. Because pumping at work? No way! But in all honesty, I'm still in doubt about that. The pump is compact and nice to take with you. You finish quickly if you do both sides at the same time and the pumping is very pleasant because of the soft breast shields and the massage mode. So really, why not? The only downside is that you spend and time pumping and time giving the breast milk in the bottle. So I have plenty of food for thought for the next two months. 

Much love, Melissa
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