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The title does not bode well, but ligament pain is experienced as annoying and painful by many women. Your uterus is not floating freely in your abdomen, but is held in place by ligaments. You can compare these bands with stiff rubber bands. They stretch, but this takes some time and energy. As your baby grows, so does the uterus. This pulls at these bands and you may feel a sudden stabbing pain in your abdomen. You can read here what you can do to relieve the pain. 

What is band pain?

During pregnancy, your uterus grows from the size of a pear to about the size of a watermelon. The uterus is undergoing considerable growth, which means that organs are getting less space, but the ligaments - to which the uterus is attached - are also stretching. This is where the term ligament pain comes from. At the beginning of the pregnancy, this pain can be compared to menstrual pain, but gradually changes into annoying and sharp stabbing in the lower back, vagina, labia and pubic bone. The pain comes in fits and starts and then disappears again (Pregnancy Portal, 2019). 

What to do about ligament pain?

Unfortunately, ligament pain is not preventable, but you can relieve the pain. Try the following things: 

  • Don't let your belly hang out - Tighten your abdominal muscles so that you carry the belly.
  • A pitcher - Sit or lie quietly and let the warmth of the pitcher relieve the pain. 
  • Hot shower or bath - Again, the heat relieves the pain. 
  • Avoid sudden movements - Stand up quietly and try to control your sneeze and cough. 
  • Try not to lift heavy - something that is discouraged throughout pregnancy, but heavy objects put extra pressure on the ligaments. 
  • Go to the bathroom on time - when your bladder expands, this organ gives pressure against the ligaments. 

(Midwives Ridderhof, 2021)

After childbirth

For a while after delivery you may continue to experience this pain. The uterus puts pressure on the ligaments even after delivery. Give it some time, the ligament pain will soon disappear again. Do you want another child? Then keep in mind that with the next pregnancy the pain may be worse. But with the above tips, you can once again relieve the ligament pain (Pregnancy Portal, 2019). 

Woman, how strong you are! There is a child growing in your belly, and that demands a lot. Mentally, but also physically and the many pregnancy ailments do not help. But in a few weeks you will have your baby in your arms and then you can (hopefully) quickly forget the annoying pain. So relax, find relief from different heat sources and listen carefully to your body. 

Does the abdominal pain persist? Then read quickly this blog, perhaps there is another cause. 


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