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It is not only your body that is going through changes, but your environment as well. You may suddenly feel the urge to perfect everything before your baby arrives or you may start craving unusual (read: slightly crazy) snacks. From Cornetto's to spring rolls and yes, pickles. You have to have it. And you have to have it now! The raging hormones can sometimes get the best of you, but try to relax and don't blame your partner. We get it that you're stressed about welcoming your baby into this world and your home and that everything should be perfect. But you are only human and that picture can still be on the wall tomorrow. So try to relax, let go of your nesting urge once in a while and enjoy your favourite pregnancy snack in the meantime. 

Littering in gear five 

Perfecting the environment for your baby is what we call a nesting urge. Many pregnant women experience a cleaning, tidying and shopping spree during their third trimester. Suddenly, you feel like your entire house needs a lick of paint, you're cleaning the dust off your TV at least ten times a day, your washing machine is working overtime and you may have sent your partner to the drugstore three times for diapers. This behavior might feel a little crazy, but nesting urge is actually a very natural reaction. You want to create a good, safe and clean environment for your little one. You literally and figuratively make the 'nest' ready for the arrival of your child or children (Maternity care De Waarden). 

But, sweet mama, pay attention. Like it or not, there are limits. You don't have to move that heavy sofa to the other side of the room and you don't necessarily have to assemble the crib right now. We know that your hormones are racing through your body in fifth gear, but be aware that your partner does not experience this nesting urge and desire for perfection in a natural way. Your partner might be tired and frustrated by all the abrupt chores inside and outside the house, so a healthy balance is important. Focus on the things he or she does to welcome your little one into the nest with open arms (Pregnancy Portal). 

Maternity package

Do you have supplementary insurance? Then you are in luck. It is possible that a maternity package will soon be on your mat from your health insurer. The big surprise may not be so big now. But this package is filled with things that come in handy during and after a (home) birth. You can find things like an umbilical clamp, maternity pads, a mattress protector and a thermometer in the maternity package. Very handy to have around during and after the birth (Independer). 

Did we make you happy? Then you can easily put together a tailor-made maternity package at the chemist's or pharmacy. We recommend to have the maternity kit in your house from the seventh month onwards. Just to be on the safe side (Midwifery practice Meander). 

Home birth

There are moms who prefer a home birth. Are you one of them? Then read on. If you want to give birth at home, you will need more than when you give birth in the hospital. If necessary, adjust your health insurance accordingly. Often, if you have supplementary insurance, all necessary equipment and aids that you borrow from the home care shop will be reimbursed. Think for instance of a shower stool, back support or a high-low bed. Very convenient and comfortable if you opt for a home birth. To be sure, call your health insurer, because every insurance company has its own rules. And we want the best care for you! 

Fun fact: did you know that the culture of giving birth at home is part of the Dutch intangible heritage? This is because the Netherlands sees home birth as a long tradition and we Dutch give birth at home on a large scale. This has created a new branch of obstetrics and maternity care (NOS). 

Whether you give birth in the hospital or at home, you will need the following items: alcohol, maternity pads, disinfectant hand soap and gel, a digital thermometer, underpads and cotton wool (Pregnancy Portal). 

Say, chee(eee)se

Giving birth is one of the most special moments in your life. A moment you never want to forget. But whether your delivery goes smoothly or if it takes more effort, many things pass you by. Our advice: capture your birth on film. You can let your partner do that, but a disadvantage of that is that he or she sees a large part of the birth through a screen. Besides, he or she is there to support you and of course you want the undivided attention of your partner. A birth photographer is the solution! A birth photographer makes special photos of your birth. He will stay in the background and often you are so in the (intense) moment that you do not even realize he is there. Usually you have an intake interview with the photographer a few weeks before your due date to get acquainted and to discuss your wishes. Is there not a click? No problem at all! The photographer will fully understand if you decide to go for someone else. Besides being one of the most special moments, this is also one of the most intimate moments of your life. Therefore it is important that you have a good feeling with the photographer. A birth photographer is not cheap. You will easily pay an amount between one thousand and fifteen hundred euros. A birth cannot be planned (with the exception of a planned caesarean). The photographer is usually available 24 hours a day from week thirty-eight to capture your birth. In most cases you can call the photographer when your contractions become regular or when you have a few centimeters of dilation. He will be there during the whole birth and often a few hours later to capture for instance the first feeding. Always make sure that the midwife and the obstetrician are informed that a photographer will be present during the delivery. Just like you, the photographer is a guest for them. 

So, moms and dads, make sure you're prepared and get that maternity kit in the house! A good start is half the battle. Another tip for the moms: if you're suffering from nesting urges, let yourself go on the baby's room. Your hands will be itching to take care of it. And dads, be a little patient and let her do her thing. Treat her to a nice foot massage every now and then and pick up an extra tub of ice cream from the supermarket.


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