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I gratefully realized that having a fine pump in the house also gives you that bit of security should there be an emergency.


Every other week we ask a Real Mom if they would like the NurtureGoods experience. These moms use a breast pump from NurtureGoods in order to describe and share their experiences. In this way, we hope to raise awareness of the NurtureGoods experience and help you make a choice. This week it's mom Maud's turn. Will you read along?

Maud's NurtureGoods experience (instagram @thegreenblog_en).

Mom's assurance

On August 18, 2022, I became the proud mom of my first baby Alex. I realized within the first few days that I was extremely lucky. My pre-made plan to breastfeed Alex was going great. He was already drinking from my breast right after delivery and already in the maternity week he was growing like crazy on what my maternity nurse called "thick whipped cream" instead of breast milk.

I already had my NurtureGoods pump neatly figured out and ready in case it was needed sooner, for example, to help get milk production going. But if not, my plan was to introduce and test the pump a few weeks before I would have to go back to work. 
But breastfeeding was going so well that I became a bit remiss in testing the pump in that already busy first period with a baby. However, halfway through my leave there came a time when I was again immensely grateful to have a pump in the house. Especially a pump like this one, with logical use and not too difficult instructions. As it happens, my grandfather fell very badly overnight and urgently needed someone from the family with him continuously. Unfortunately, half of the family was in quarantine due to corona and at that time there was little man to rotate in this. There you are at home, with a 1.5 month old baby that you can't take with you because he can cry on siren mode, but needs a good feeding every 3 hours. 

So thankfully, I was able to get right to work with the pump and that early morning I was able to leave my husband and baby with peace of mind and a bottle full of milk. I gratefully realized that having a nice pump at home also gives you that bit of security in case of an emergency. Even in the days that followed, I pumped with regularity to leave a bottle behind.

Meanwhile, I occasionally pump to prepare for the period when I start working again. Even though I may take breaks to start breastfeeding my baby son, again, I never want to leave the babysitter empty-handed in case things go differently than planned. 

Besides that bit of peace that this pump gives me, it is also a very nice thing to use, the actions speak for themselves and the buttons on the touch screen are logical and easy to understand. The touchscreen lights up, so you can also see all the info you need when you're watching television in dim light, for example. I have slightly flattened nipples and before I start breastfeeding I often have to lightly massage my nipple and pull it out. But the NurtureGoods pump has a mode that helps correct your nipple and does that work for you, so you can start right away and pump optimally. Very nice! The silicone breast shields are soft and seal your breast comfortably. The pump comes complete with teat so you can also give the bottle directly to your baby if necessary. Ideal when mom wants to grab an extra hour of sleep at night, put your partner to work!

Good to know: you can reorder all kinds of individual parts of the pump at NurtureGoods, in case a part needs replacing after a while or when you need a different size breastplate, for example. Even nicer would be if you could assemble the pump yourself in terms of size before purchasing, but fortunately the parts have a pleasant average size, so for many women it will already be good in its current composition. And in my opinion, last but not least, the flask looks beautiful! Feel free to leave it lying around the room, it is too beautiful to store far away!

One last little sidenote: it has a powerful motor, which is also nice because it will no doubt last a long time and then you can use it when feeding multiple children, but as a powerful motor it does make noise while pumping. If that bothers you very much - not me personally, since I do most of my pumping at home anyway - then you need to look specifically for a silent pump. 

Conclusion: this pump is absolutely worth its money. Handy to use, beautiful design and a powerful motor, everything to really help you and your baby feed with breast milk and always give that bit of freedom and peace of mind.

Much love,

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