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A pregnancy massage, that sounds wonderful doesn't it! And believe us, it is! Please note that a massage is only healthy for mother and child from the second trimester onwards. This is because during a massage waste products can be released that can be harmful for your baby during the first months of pregnancy. But if you are entering the second trimester, then you may want to subscribe to the masseur. In this blog, we'll tell you why. Are you reading along? 

Why a pregnancy massage? 

During pregnancy, your body changes day by day. So do your muscles and joints. These become looser and more flexible over time to make room for the baby and also to prepare the body for the delivery. Because of the extra suppleness in the joints and muscles, you may experience discomfort in your neck, back and pelvis. Because of the raging hormones, there is a good chance that you will retain more fluid than usual and that your sleep will deteriorate. A pregnancy massage can help relieve the pain and calm you down (Oostrom, 2018). 

What does a pregnancy massage do to you?

This massage helps you unwind and relax your body and mind. Your muscles become more supple, your breathing becomes deeper and your head clears and comes to a complete rest. Your body can literally repair itself through a pregnancy massage. The blood circulation - of you and your baby - is stimulated and set in motion, the massage ensures a better night's sleep, your body produces less stress hormones, your neck and back pain can decrease and a pregnancy massage helps to reduce complications during childbirth. We see a golden combination here, namely: a massage + less pain + chance of a more pleasant delivery = very happy moms (Bloei Massage, 2020)! 

Consultation with the midwife

Your midwife is your best friend during pregnancy. He or she can help you with your doubts and questions. So too if you want to start pregnancy massage. Due to circumstances, they may advise against the massage, especially if the mom suffers from thrombosis, varicose veins, heart disease or fever. But wait for the obstetrician's judgment and trust his ruling. 

In general, from the second trimester you are ready-to-massage-go, but to spar with your midwife beforehand can never hurt. This massage is meant to give the body and mind the rest it deserves. That's why we advise you to check whether this also works for you (Pregnancy Portal, 2020). Have you had a pregnancy massage and felt a big difference? If so, please let us know. 


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