NurtureGoods breastplate size M (23.5 mm)


The NurtureGoods breast shield size M (23.5 mm) allows you to pump effectively and comfortably in combination with our NurtureGoods Smart series electric breast pumps.

- Loose flask parts such as these cannot be returned
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The NurtureGoods breast shield (size M (23.5 mm) allows you to ensure high milk production, pump comfortably, and prevent nipple damage. For optimal use, combine the NurtureGoods breast shields with the natural sucking rhythm of a NurtureGoods Dual Electric Breast Pump Smart series.

Why an appropriate breastplate is important

This ensures that there is no pinching feeling while pumping. In fact, a breast shield that is too small can cause pain during pumping and block the flow of milk. A breast shield that is too large, on the other hand, can cause air leakage, which is detrimental to your milk production.

The right size

The right size breastplate is one of the most important components to effective and comfortable pumping. The standard size S breastplate (21.6 mm Smart 1.0 // 20 mm Smart 3.0) is included with the NurtureGoods® Dual Electric Breast Pump.

To determine which breast shield size is right for you, we have developed a document that describes step-by-step how you can determine which breast shield is best for your breast.

Link: PDF_sizes_breast shields

Comes with:

The NurtureGoods® breast shield (BPA-free) comes incl. full pump top that you can connect to your NurtureGoods breast pump:

  • 1x valve
  • 1x Breast pad (diameter breast shield: 85 mm, tunnel width 23.5 mm)
  • 1x Pump body
  • 1x Aperture
  • 1x Lid

Take advantage of our volume discount when ordering two pieces.

Please note: Loose breast pump parts such as the NurtureGoods breast shield cannot be returned.

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