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We can't say it often enough: relaxation is so important. A wonderful massage from your partner, a nice warm bath or a visit to the sauna. Of course, that all sounds very nice, but especially with the latter you need to be a little careful. In this blog we dive into the world of saunas and tell you what to watch out for when visiting the sauna when you are pregnant. 

Can I go to the sauna if I am pregnant?

A sauna is the place to be when it comes to relaxation. You unwind, you feel the tension slip from your body and you are surrounded by the wonderful scent of lavender. Sorry, I won't make you feel too good, because a visit to the sauna is not for every pregnant woman. In any case, we don't recommend visiting a sauna in the first three months of your pregnancy. At this stage your baby is still very vulnerable and temperature fluctuations can have a negative impact on its development. The high temperature of a sauna is therefore the biggest objection. If you are used to the high temperatures of a sauna, feel free to enjoy a relaxing visit to the sauna even during your pregnancy. But of course only after the first 12 weeks (Pregnancy Portal). 

What should I be aware of when visiting the sauna?

If your body is used to the high temperatures of a sauna, feel free to go ahead! Just make sure that you don't stay in the sauna for more than 10 minutes. Now for many, that's probably not a problem, but for the avid sauna goer, that may seem a bit short. Sorry, ladies, but to stay in the words of Mr. Frank Visser... that's what you'll have to make do with. Also, avoid infrared saunas at all times. After all, the radiation is bad for your little one. And now I'm going to disappoint the passionate sauna user again, but saunas above 80 degrees are best avoided. All that bullshit about temperature... but what about it? When your body temperature gets too high, blood pressure drops. And falling blood pressure means less access to oxygen and nutrients for your little one. So good to keep an eye on. 

We do not recommend visiting the sauna in the last weeks of your pregnancy. It is quite possible that you have already dilated a bit by then and to avoid infections, it is better to avoid saunas (Knack).  

If in doubt, consult

Do you doubt whether it is wise to go to the sauna? Then consult your midwife. He or she can give you advice based on your personal situation. Are you going to visit a sauna, or in a broader sense, a spa? Then take a look at what they offer. In most cases they have special packages for the pregnant woman. If you don't feel up to it or it is not recommended, there are plenty of other ways to relax. For example, get a massage from your partner. A belly massage is wonderfully relaxing and it also makes you feel better. contact With the little one. Mom happy, baby happy, partner happy. 



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