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Pregnant or not, exercising is always healthy. Exercising during pregnancy not only keeps you physically strong, but also mentally. Regular exercise helps to reduce pregnancy ailments and because your muscles become stronger, your body can carry your belly better. Exercise has many benefits before, during and after childbirth. So what are you waiting for, pack your gym bag after reading this blog! 

Is it good to exercise during pregnancy? 

To answer this question right away, yes it is good to (continue to) exercise during pregnancy. When you're pregnant, your body is the holy temple for a healthy baby. And exercise - in addition to a healthy diet - is of great importance. Pregnancy asks a lot from the mom. Not only does it require energy, focus, care and perseverance, but a strong and healthy body is important. Women who exercise during pregnancy also tend to suffer less from pregnancy ailments and sleep better. It also makes your body strong when your belly gets bigger and heavier. And if you give birth fit, you may experience a more pleasant delivery. In addition, you will be your old self more quickly after the delivery (Nutricia for you, s.d.). 

What else is exercise during pregnancy good for?

In addition to the benefits listed above, we've listed even more benefits for you. Exercise is also good for your heart and for the circulation to the placenta, which reduces the risk of chronic diseases in your baby. Did you know that sports are good for the IQ of the little one in your belly? So put on your sports shoes and sport your little one healthier and smarter (Nine Months Fair, s.d.).

What are the best sports to play?

In many cases you can continue to do the sport you already do. However, it is important that you listen to your body, because you can probably do less intensive sports than before. Also pay attention to contact sports or where there is a chance that you can get something against your belly. Were you not a fanatical athlete, but now you want to pick it up? Try pilates or pregnancy yoga. Walking or slow jogging are also recommended. But swimming, dancing, cycling, or working out with light weights are also suitable to do during pregnancy (Nutricia for you, s.d.). 

Not sure where to start? Then pick a gym where they guide pregnant women through pregnancy. For example, they do bbb health boutique very good. A women's gym with branches throughout the Netherlands. Here you will be supervised by professional coaches and they will make a personal sports plan for you. 

What should I look out for? 

Avoid sports or exercises where you have to stand on one leg for a long time or where you have to lie on your back for a long time. Behind your uterus runs an important artery that can become compressed if you lie for a long time, this can cause you to become very dizzy become. Also during pregnancy, do not train your straight abdominal muscles, but rather your oblique abdominal muscles. Your abdomen must of course make room for your baby. The straight abdominal muscles take up this space, where precisely your oblique abdominal muscles help to carry the belly (Nutricia for you, s.d.). 

Exercise is always good for you and just like everyone else, sometimes you don't feel like it. We understand if you suffer from fatigue, nausea or other pregnancy ailments. But we do know that exercising during pregnancy will help you to reduce these ailments. It trains you not only physically, but also mentally. Fit through life and fit through the pregnancy, that's a nice goal, right?


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