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You may have heard it mentioned before, the strange appetites during pregnancy. Over 85% of pregnant women experience pregnancy cravings, also known as pregnancy cravings. For some it is chocolate, ice cream or candy, but for others it is pickles or a can of tuna. And sometimes the products are mixed as well, think ice cream with pickles. This will probably surprise many people, but cravings come in all shapes and sizes. Why is it that pregnancy fuels these strange appetites? Read it here. 

Where do these strange appetites come from?

The great craziness of the strange appetites has only begun with modern women, given that today's society makes it possible to have many delicious things in the house. Therefore, it has become easier for these women to give in to their pregnancy cravings (Bink, s.d.). It is suggested by nutritionists that estrogen is the culprit behind the strange eating cravings. This hormone causes major changes in the body and interacts with the taste buds. Which can cause the pregnant woman to become fascinated with certain foods. Experts say that the strange appetites can also indicate what vitamins or minerals the body needs. For example, do you regularly sit with a spoon in the peanut butter jar? Then this could mean that the body needs vitamin B, protein and fat (Infotalia, s.d.). 

Give in to these strange appetites?

Often the various pregnancy cravings are harmless. Just make sure that, in addition to the odd food craving, you follow a balanced and healthy diet. Adding a dollop of whipped cream to your bowl of tuna? Go ahead, but also make sure you have enough vegetables, fruits and other nutritious products in the house. Look especially for products that include enough protein and iron. Enjoyment is allowed, but stay focused on what your body really needs and not what it thinks it needs. Remember that the baby in your belly also needs all the vitamins and minerals it needs to grow. In some cases, pregnant women suddenly develop cravings for non-edible products, such as chalk, earth and sometimes even soap. This is characterized as a disorder and is sometimes called Pica. It occurs very rarely. Do you recognize yourself in this? Then call your doctor so that you can look for a solution together (Infotalia, s.d.). 

Tips for curbing strange appetites

Start your day with a filling and satiating breakfast, this way you'll be full longer throughout the day and have less of a tendency to snack. Oatmeal with banana and a spoonful of peanut butter is a good example. Keep moving and make sure you have something to do if you feel your pregnancy cravings increasing. Go for a walk, grab your book or dance to your favorite music. And finally, find someone to support you in this and someone who understands you. It may just be that the body needs a good hug and not that pickle with vanilla ice cream (Infotalia, s.d.). 

Aversion to certain products 

You may also develop an aversion to foods you used to love. Were you fond of a boiled egg, but can't bear to think about it now? If the aversion is not to essential foods, it is normally not a problem. In that case you can easily find a substitute with the same nutrients. 

Again, every body is different. Chances are that your pregnancy mood is very different from that of your neighbor or good friend. Remember, you can enjoy, but be aware that your body needs certain nutrients to continue functioning properly. This is also vital for your unborn child. Do you have questions or doubts about your diet? Then contact your doctor or a dietician. They can answer all your pressing questions.


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