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It gave us the opportunity to provide our son with the benefits of breast milk, and that was a blessing.


I am convinced that breastfeeding is the best nutrition, but not if it is at the expense of the mother.


I found it a relief to feel that the breast pump did not hurt at all.

Laura Louise

Lovee had to be transferred to the NICU where she had to remain in an incubator under the maximum number of blue lights.


Now I can stock up, which gives me a lot of freedom to be able to do things for myself again.


I got up from the wheelchair, and James' head was already visible. 10 cm of dilation in an hour!


With my teeth clenched and my toes crooked I laid on her.


I pump almost every morning so I accumulate some feedings.


Live breastfeeding unfortunately didn't work out, so I started pumping full-time. How proud I was to be able to give breast milk to Lily this way.


I didn't know it was possible but yes yes: I had too much milk! Gisele could not keep up with the strong letdown reflex and the fast pace at which my breast milk was coming in.