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I sometimes liked the pump better for a while than my baby going to drink.


Each week we ask a Real Mom if they would like the NurtureGoods experience. These moms use a breast pump from NurtureGoods in order to describe and share their experiences. In this way, we hope to raise awareness of the NurtureGoods experience and help you make a choice. This week it's the turn of mom Milou Do you read along?

Milou's NurtureGoods experience (Instagram @bijdeschoonemans)

For those who think that pumping takes time, is a lot of hassle and dragging. I can reassure you in this blog.
First of all, super that you are orienting on a pump. You want to breastfeed or you are already breastfeeding, a wonderful step if you ask me. To make your breastfeeding adventure go as smoothly as possible you need a nice pump. No need to look any further. The Smart 3.0 NutureGoods pump is really a godsend. I'm happy to share my experience about the pump with you.

This pump gives freedom. You can also pump wirelessly. No searching for outlets, no need to be tied down to a cable. Just take it with you charged, plug it in and go. So you could pump almost anywhere. Although the manual also states neatly: 'not in the vicinity of explosive or fire sources'. And I would also not leave the device unattended with your pets. It would be a shame if they started playing with it and you lost a part.
Because of this freedom, I immediately see possibilities. It makes an evening out a lot more accessible. Did you know that you can call or email the location in advance to ask for a place to pump? Often there is a space for this, eg the first aid post or an office. Who knows, you might be just a little bit more comfortable. I hope you will not see it as an obstacle to give a breast pump! Who knows what kind of cool places you will be pumping in. My craziest location so far has been an empty gym.

Another thing that gives freedom is a pumping bra. If only I knew this earlier, but I still managed to benefit from it! The pumping bra allows you to pump without holding the breast shields. The pommel bra in combination with the vacuum that is created makes sure that the breast shield stays in place. The smart 3.0 pump is not heavy so it remains stable. In the meantime you can have a nice cup of tea, use your mobile phone or read. For me it helped especially in the beginning to watch videos of my daughter. Then the reflex was on. I could also really see pumping as a moment for myself. A moment of rest, a step back, really do something for yourself. But you can also combine it with peeling potatoes or playing a game with your other child, if you have an older child running around for example. As I said, the pump, especially with a pump bra, really gives you freedom.

The double smart 3.0 pump was literally 3 times faster for me too. Before this I had a single pump. So this double pump was a breath of fresh air. I really finished twice as fast. I didn't have to switch breasts anymore. You turn on the pump, the time is clearly displayed and you just sit down. The fact that the time is so clearly displayed is also a real advantage. I used to keep track of it myself, but my mom brain was often distracted and I didn't know how long I was actually pumping. That's not very useful for the stimulation of your breast. I usually pump 10 minutes per breast, shorter or longer will affect your production. Being able to see at a glance now helps me a lot.
By the way, it is quite natural that each pumping session will be different in terms of quantity. There is no need to be unsure about this. If you notice that you have more or less production while pumping, you can always play with the suction power. Adjusting or changing this can also influence your production.

By the way, the breastplate feels very soft. This is made of silicone and just kind of massages. For me, it made sure I could really relax. After all, pumping should not hurt. Otherwise, always try again. Check the position of your nipple in the breastplate. If it is in the center, it should be painless! If not, you can play around with the suction power. There are also days when your nipples are more sensitive. My experience is that this disappears after the milk reflex. Every body is different. Give it time and do what you feel comfortable with.

What is also very nice about this pump is that it is so nice and small. I take the pump with me in a small cooler bag. Without elements, but then the milk is cold longer. Still, it's nice when it's easy to take along. Although I have not used it myself yet, I think it is also very nice that you can convert the container where the milk comes in to a bottle. You turn the pump off and the teat of a bottle on it. Ideal if your baby has trouble latching on or if you want to relieve your nipple. Sometimes I liked the pump better than my baby drinking. Still different stimulus apparently. But at least it gave my nipples more rest. And how nice it is when you have pumped, the bottle is transformed and you can give it to someone else. Someone else can give a nice feed.

I think it is clear that I am enthusiastic about this pump. I hope that after reading this blog you will be as enthusiastic as I am. I wonder in which beautiful places you will pump. I wish you lots of fun with it!

Love Milou

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