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Are you ready for another blog about pregnancy symptoms? This time we tell you why you often feel nauseous and tired, and what you can possibly do about it. Your body now lives for two and also consumes energy for two. So be nice to yourself, your body likes that very much. So ask the people around you for help and take your well-earned rest on time, promise? 

Why am I so nauseated?

Feeling nauseous is a well-known pregnancy ailment that often begins between the fourth and eighth weeks of pregnancy. As many as 8 in 10 women experience nausea at the beginning of pregnancy (Thuisarts, 2019). Often the nausea comes on in the morning - that's why they call it morning sickness. But every woman is different, so for some it comes at other times or the nauseous feeling persists throughout the day (Pure Midwives, s.d.). Some vomit, and some suffer from excess saliva. Feeling nauseous is annoying, but not harmful. Also, in many cases, nausea goes away on its own after about three months of pregnancy (Thuisarts, 2019). 

What to do about nausea? 

Keep track of what foods and drinks your body does not react well or pleasantly to. In this way you can reduce nausea. What can also help is to eat and drink smaller meals more often, this way your body does not have to process a whole bite at once. Take enough rest, as fatigue also activates nausea. Ginger helps with mild nausea symptoms. Eat a piece of ginger cake or drink ginger tea. Did you know that acupuncture helps to reduce nausea (Thuisarts, 2019)? Read all about it in this blog.

Why am I so tired?

Your body is preparing to carry your baby for the next few months. This requires a lot of energy, which is why you may often feel tired. Even if you sleep well (Pure Midwives, s.d.). In the first months of pregnancy, nausea and fatigue often come together, which can sometimes make you feel as limp as a dishcloth. Besides the fact that your body has to get used to the new event, the hormones are also racing through your body. The fatigue - like the nausea - often disappears on its own. This often happens around the twelfth week of pregnancy. Don't rejoice too hard, often the tired feeling returns during the third trimester. Then you are not tired because of the change in your body, but because the belly is heavy and thick. You will notice that walking, working and doing the housework takes a lot of energy. So mom, ask for help or hand it over. Because always being tired or feeling tired is not the way to go (Moermans, 2021)! 

Fighting fatigue 

The best tip is: get enough sleep. Take a nap or lie down for a while when you feel tired. We get that you don't always have time for that, so try the following things:

  • Avoid sugar and caffeine - The energy boost you get from this is only short-lived and the energy dip is greater in the longer term. Alternative: go for a banana or a granola bar. 
  • Ask for help from those around you - many women find this a tough one to ask for help and don't want to acknowledge that they are tired. But let's face it, there are plenty of people out there who would love and love to help you. So ask for it! 
  • Keep moving - You may really not feel like doing this when you are tired, but it is important! You don't have to go out for hours, but a short walk or light exercise will do. Yoga and swimming are also good options. 
  • Say no - Be honest with yourself and those around you about the things you can and cannot do. By doing things you can no longer do, you use up valuable energy and exhaust yourself. Save energy for you and your baby, you need it badly. 
  • Pay attention to your sleep quality - Make sure you go to bed calm and quiet. Avoid screens, such as the TV, phone or laptop. Take another warm shower or bath before bed and put a book next to your bed. This way you can write your thoughts off when you are brooding or get a very good idea. 
  • Pregnancy massage - this helps if you have trouble relaxing. So definitely something to try out.

(Moermans, 2021)

Of course, it's not surprising that you sometimes feel a little weak, nauseous and tired. You are now living for two and your body has to work very hard to achieve this. So mama, promise us this: ask for help and take rest when you need it! Take care of yourself, because if you do, the pregnancy ailments will diminish and you will go through the pregnancy with more comfort.


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