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Pregnancy is a special moment in life, but often the experience does not become 'real' for the parent(s) until they have seen their baby for the first time at the term ultrasound. A beautiful, but certainly exciting moment. The term ultrasound is performed between the tenth and twelfth week of pregnancy. This ultrasound confirms whether the heart is beating and whether everything is going well with your baby. What else you can expect you can read in this blog. 

What is a term ultrasound? 

Between the tenth and twelfth week you will have a term ultrasound - also known as the first meeting with your baby. During this ultrasound they will check if the heart is beating and measure the baby from head to toe. This will determine the stage of pregnancy and date of delivery. Often they can also see whether you are pregnant with two or in some cases three or more children. After this ultrasound the midwife will give you a pregnancy declaration take home. Don't get it? Then ask for it. You will need this statement to submit your maternity leave request (The Obstetrician, s.d.). 

What are they looking at? 

During the term ultrasound, a close look is taken at whether the baby has developed properly and how his growth has gone over the past few weeks. The ultrasound checks if his heart is beating and if his vital parts are working properly. This ultrasound is often experienced as exciting by the parent(s). Not only are they excited about the first meeting, but this is the moment when you find out if everything is going well with your baby. With a positive result from the term ultrasound, the risk of a miscarriage decreases. That is why the parent(s) often tell the baby that they are expecting after this ultrasound (Verloskundigen aan 't IJ, 2020). Spread the word, let everyone know!

Your baby is still far too small to determine the gender, they won't know until the 20-week ultrasound (Zwitsal, s.d.). Just a little more patience! 

External or internal ultrasound

Normally, an external ultrasound is performed. Here, an ultrasound head is pressed against the abdomen and the image is immediately visualized on the screen. Then the result is shared with you right away. Keep in mind that in some cases an internal ultrasound is necessary. This can be due to several factors such as the position of the uterus, the position of the baby or if the mother is overweight. With an internal ultrasound, they go in with an ultrasound wand through the vagina. Don't worry, this doesn't hurt and is really quick (Echocentre Focus, 2021). 

Important: you must have a full bladder at the term ultrasound (Echopraktijk WAS, 2019).

Health Insurance 

The term ultrasound is part of the basic health insurance package. So you will get the ultrasound reimbursed by your health insurance in every pregnancy. So that is very nice news (Echopraktijk WAS, 2019)! 

Exciting, isn't it, a term echo? We understand that very well. Of course you hope that everything is fine with your baby. If the news is good, can you promise to celebrate with all your loved ones? And we will party with you from a distance.