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A pregnancy statement is mainly important for your employer, but in some situations you may be asked for it in your private life as well. This statement states that you are pregnant and when your due date is. Sit down with your employer in time to break the news and to hand over the pregnancy declaration. This way they will have enough time to take care of everything. Read on quickly to read what else this statement is good for. 

What is a pregnancy declaration?

A pregnancy declaration is a letter or form that states that you are pregnant and your due date. The pregnancy declaration is for the employer, they can then give your maternity leave  application. The statement also gives you other rights at work and you need the pregnancy statement if you want to fly after 28 weeks of pregnancy (UWV, s.d.). 

How do you apply for a pregnancy declaration? 

You will receive the letter from the obstetrician or family doctor at one of the first visits or at the echo. Don't get the statement with you? Then ask for it yourself. Officially, you do not need to submit this declaration until three weeks before you go on maternity leave. However, we recommend doing this earlier so your employer has enough time to arrange a replacement or organize your absence for the coming period (De Verloskundige, z.d.). 

Rights at work

During and after pregnancy, your employer is obligated to protect the health of you and the little one. For example, you may take more frequent breaks, you do not have to work night shifts anymore, and you have the right to perform less heavy work. This statement is intended to ensure that the employer complies with this (The Midwife, s.d.). 

Flying during pregnancy

In a pregnancy without complications, flying is generally not a problem. This is often different if the mother has an excessively high blood pressure has or is suffering from anemia or gestational diabetes. Airlines may ask for the pregnancy declaration from about week 28. This statement should not be older than five days on the day you fly (Pregnancy Portal, 2020). 

It's really just a piece of paper, but that doesn't make it any less important. A piece of paper that tightens your rights at work, requests your maternity leave and gives you access to the plane. It gives you peace of mind if you can arrange everything for yourself, but also for your employer, on time and as well as possible. 


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